Wednesday, November 2, 2011


José Andrés is 'the Spanish Godfather' of the culinary world, and mastermind behind both the Bazaar and Trés at the SLS Hotel, and believe me when I say that he will manchego the holy guacamole out of your cilantro.

Trés is like the semi-neglected younger sister of The Bazaar--a confused, experimental, and brazenfaced sibling that desperately tries to flounder out from under the shadows of her cooler, hipster, eclectic brother. Each dish we had seemed to taste mmm mm good at the time, but I blame the nonexistent waitstaff for giving us a long enough hiatus to start creating madlibs out of all the pretentious ingredients; trying to holler at a waiter was like spotting some striped-checkered-endangered species on a jungle safari. I ate so much air from gasping at the sign of any life passing us by that I think I got delirious before the start of the meal (which could explain my overenthusiastic response to all the food. I think we were just glad to finally get something to eat).

Now looking back, the food was a-okay. Sub-par. The dishes were trying really, really hard to be something that it almost became underwhelming; they visually set up your taste buds for some piquant epiphanies, but in the end, it just lacked that unassuming, raw edge of culinary genius that you would expect from being in the same genealogy as The Bazaar. In short: FOR SHAME.

I had the SLS chopped salad, Halibut Veracruz (the most confusing meal of them all: Halibut on a bed of roasted capers, topped off with guacamole, micro-cilantro and tortilla chips = edible, but it left me befuddled), and Apple Carlota with Milk Sorbet and Saffron Cream. My girldate Esther had the Yellow Tomato Saffron Soup (not pictured), SLS Truffle Burger with Truffle Fries (this was the best meal and it made me so sad because I can't stand it, and I know you do too, when someone else orders something better than your dish) and the Passionfruit Tart with Coconut Sorbet.



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